Saturday, April 6, 2013

Saturday Night Simple Yeast-Free Dinner

Tonight was a beautiful night in Orlando, Florida.  At dinnertime, it was 71 degrees, with a bit of a breeze.  How I love the month of April!

Earlier this week I saw a shrimp recipe circulate my Facebook page from "Sharon's Pampered Chef Connection".  Here is the recipe:

Best Shrimp Ever

Melt a stick of butter (yes, a stick)

Slice a lemon and place on top of the butter

Place shrimp over butter and lemon (I bought one pound of shrimp and kept the shells on)

Sprinkle a package of dried Italian Seasoning over shrimp (Okay, I'm an Old Bay girl, so I used Old Bay instead)

Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes.

This is how it looked when it came out of the oven:

Absolutely delicious!

I know that some websites concerning yeast-free diets mention to be careful of eating shrimp because of their mercury level.  Others say eating shrimp is perfectly fine.  I don't eat shrimp too often so this was a real treat for me.

I also sautéed some spinach in olive oil and topped it off with a sprinkle of sea salt.  Here is my finished meal, along with a glass of ice water with a lemon.

Who says that yeast-free living can't be tasty?  Not I.  And not Abbey!  She is never too far away from me when I'm outside!

Have a wonderful Saturday evening!

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